Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Beauty shopping in buffalo, NY !!

    the reason I went to Buffalo is not because the Niagara Fall, but the Lush store there.
    There is no Lush in Syracuse, which made me so desperate about those fresh masks.
    BTW, the Sephora in Buffalo had much more brands than the one in Syracuse.

除了online shopping,只能时不时去buffalo或者nyc买东西,
    Here is what I got in Buffalo,
    Amore pacific CC Compact, SPF50
Givenchy mister radiant prime
Urban Decay Naked bb cream
Lush Aquamarina cleanser soap
Lush fresh mask:
Brazened Honey,
the sacred truth,
bb seaweed.

爱茉莉amore pacific的气垫cc霜,
urban decay的bb霜,
oatifix,the sacred truth,brazened honey,bb seaweed面膜。

     This amore pacific cc cream is a new product at the time when I bought it,
     It's full name is Color Control Cushion Compact, with SPF 50+, which is great for summer.
     It's a very light-weighted foundation, with liquid inside the sponge cushion.
     light coverage, which means you still need concealer for your breakout and dark circle.
     SPF 50+, you can really skip the sunscreen step. LOL.
     It's a little be pricy, $60.
     comes with 4 colors, I got the lightest one, #102.
     ohhh, almost forgot to mention there are 2 cushions inside.


    this is a prime, and also a great moisturizer to use when you reapply makeup.
    clear gel, with some glowing particles.
    $38, 30ml. only squeeze about 1cm long is enough for each time.

   OMG, here comes my favorite part! the LUSH mask!!!!!
   every time I go to a Lush store, I definitely get some masks back.
   the masks are all fresh made with natural ingredients, keep in fridge, must use within 21 days.
   and the results are great!!!
   only $6.95 each jar.